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Ticket Giveaway: The Offspring @ Echo Beach

The Offspring
As part of The Summer Nationals Tour, The Offspring will play Toronto’s Echo Beach on August 7th alongside Bad Religion, Pennywise, and The Vandals. Courtesy of Live Nation, we’re giving away passes to the event!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is fill out the form below and write in your name and mailing address AND follow @AliciaAtout on Twitter and RT this Tweet. The contest will…

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Run River North
Having Run River North perform at the Drake Hotel was a perfect venue for the band and audience. It was an intimate setting where the crowd got to connect the band. There were jokes about being an all Asian band and storytelling in between songs. They did a perfect job mixing upbeat and chill songs. It was a really comforting show for a Wednesday night in Toronto.

Run River North has amazing original songs and they performed each song with soul to make everyone happy in the venue. They played many of their sing-a-long songs with deep lyrics such as ‘Growing Up’ , ‘Monsters Calling Home’ and ‘In the Water’. However, when they covered The Killers’ song ‘Mr. Brightside’, it was a very breathtaking moment. Out of all the concerts I’ve been to, I have never heard the audience go completely silent and all they wanted to hear was the band perform. There was no cheering, heckling or chatter because everybody in the venue was so absorbed into their cover. The way they covered the song was so different and had an emotional take on it. It was a beautiful moment for both the band and crowd.

I would definitely go and see them perform live again and you should to. Especially if you’re looking for a show to go with your friends, lounge and enjoy good music to sway to.

Review by Tiffany Lee (@t4nee) | Photos by Stephanie Wong ()

Concert Review + Photos: Run River North @ The Drake Underground Having Run River North perform at the Drake Hotel was a perfect venue for the band and audience.
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